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Education Pilatus PC6 SET Class Rating

Pilatus Porter - Standard Program

Flight Training in Schlierstadt, near Stuttgart and other airfields on request, basic fee theory (theoretical training, documentation for the theory, theory test), basic fee practice (about 3 days practical training - 5h, documentation for submission to the authorities).

Theoretical course of training 1200,- €
Practical training  
Basic Fee 1.500,- €
Daily Rate Instructor 300,- €
Daily Rate Instructor if not flown (e.g. weather) 200,- €
Price per flight hour with Pilatus Turbo Porter B2/H4 780,- €
Check flight Pilatus PC6 SET 980,- €
add. Travel costs, landing fees and parking on foreign courts  

Prices excl. VAT (currently 19%)!

We train all year round, after appointment!